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Portraits & Landscapes by Jack Morefield


People I Like: Sub-Zero

J. Cole – “Who Dat”

Tonight You Get A Visit From The Birthday Skeleton!

Toy Story 3 Made Me Cry (Picture Spoilers)

There, I said it.

I seriously was not prepared for what the last 5 minutes of Toy Story 3 did to me. I grew up with these films, so it was like watching a chapter of my life come to an end, and all the emotions hit me so hard.

It’s a good thing the movie theater was dark! LOL

So if you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST. The pictures below are only a small part of what was an incredible movie as a whole, and you’d have to watch it firsthand to truly appreciate it.

I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the way the franchise concluded.

Nathan Stillie: Robots and Rabbits and Caribou, Oh My!

A couple of these are available as prints and t-shirts.

Check him out on Threadless

Paul Alexander Thornton – Stop Motion Drawing


Landon Donovan Is Made Of Epic WIN

Allow me to be an obnoxious American for a minute;

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Man what a great game that was. Best of luck to the guys in the knockout round! :D

Disco Chair: Sitting Down Has Never Been So Exciting

Designed by Kiwi & Pom.

“Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.”

Skewed Empathy – (Raekwon vs OutKast vs Crystal Castles)

Skratch Bastid is the man behind this amazing mash-up.