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(500) Days Of Weezy

(500) Days of Summer Movie Soundtrack + Lil Wayne = (500) Days of Weezy


Slow-Motion Makes Everything Profound

ASIMO – A Robot That Can Learn

I wonder what they’ll be able to do in another 30 years. The technology is constantly evolving.

People I Like: Xavier Pendragon

Loyal Divide – “Vision Vision”



Passion Pit – “Tonight, Tonight”

“Lauded electro-pop band Passion Pit have re-crafted the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” in a manner that is at once reverent and full of daring. Michael Angelakos’ affinity for the song is clear in the way his high voice hems to the original melody. But where the Pumpkins went for ambitious grandiosity, Angelakos submerges the song into an electronic world of synth.” – Levi’s Pioneer Sessions

Download the song for free HERE

Undying Love