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Sculptures by Kris Kuski


Paintings by Brian Viveros


Young Legionnaire – “Black Lions”

Can’t wait for the new album. May 9th.


Bloc Party – “Pioneers” (Live)

Battlefield 3 – “Fault Line” Trailer

The lighting, the sound, every little detail in the environments. Insane.

Yo-Yo Ma & Lil Buck Perform “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saëns

Francis and the Lights – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

This is an old cover of the Kanye West original, but I really like it. I think it must be the piano.

Athena and Alkyoneus – Great Altar of Zeus at Pergamon

Marble relief, circa 2nd century BC. Ancient Greek city of Pergamon (excavated and moved to Berlin, Germany).

“The NEW American Dream is to become rich and famous by happenstance – or sex tapes – and to get there with as little work or talent as possible. And as a result, we are suffering – though many of us don’t know it – as quality becomes a notion of the past. We’re ruining art, our planet, and our health, all due to our newfound obsession with instant gratification, with the short term quick-fix.”

– Santigold