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Sorry 4 Tha Wait (Life Happens)

Not gonna lie, it’s kinda funny thinking about the e-mail subscribers who’ll read this post notification like,

“Who the hell is this?”

But I promise (again) I’m gonna try to be more consistent with posting from now on, if you’re still interested in the interests of another 20-something on the internet.

Stank you, smelly much!

“Nothing Ever Really Touches Me”


Hey guys and gals, sorry the blog’s been kinda dead lately :\ I’ve been a little busy this summer to say the least, but I’m back! So I apologize in advance to the e-mail subscribers for blowing up your inbox today <3

– Neon Hero

The subjects of our future dreams are often the realities of our present day.

In The Green! You Guys Are Amazing :)

Just got this from WordPress. Thanks to all you guys and gals who visit! Thanks even more to the ones who leave comments and send e-mails! I really appreciate them. I started this blog in June of 2010 and keep it primarily as a personal record of my interests. I don’t cater to any demographic in particular, but it’s always nice knowing there are people out there who also like what I post, so I’ll continue to do so this year!

HAPPY 2011! :)

Google Beatboxing

So I’m sittin’ here using Google Translate to beatbox, Lol. Copy the gibberish below and then paste it HERE

pv zk pv pv pv zk pv bschk pv zk pv pv pv zk pv bschkpv zk pv pv pv zk pv bschkpvzk zk zk pv oh ja

Make sure it’s set to translate from German to German.

Then click “Listen”!


Awkward Moment of the Day.

Friend: I feel nauseous, and I was puking all day yesterday!

Me: Awh, what’s wrong with your stomach? Something you ate?

Friend: No, nothing’s wrong… I really want some Cran-Grape juice.

Me: (jokingly) You’re probably pregnant or something, hahaha!

Friend: I am…

Me: Ohhh. I’m sorry! Wow that’s crazy… That’s great, I mean!

Dear Girls,

When we ask you “What’s wrong?”

It would be an excellent time for you to tell us what’s wrong.

Sincerely, Guys

I Photoshop Pictures of Myself When I’m Bored

Because it’s fun? I don’t know…

Playing with photo filters FTW! :D

Mind = Blown: Wisdom From My Seven Year Old Brother

I was just watching Sunday morning programming on PBS with my seven year old younger brother and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood came on. Some time during the opening of the show when Mr. Rogers sings, my little brother all of a sudden started musing on life and mortality.

(Little Brother) “Mr. Rogers died, didn’t he?”

Being the awkward person that I am. I didn’t really know what to say.

(Myself) “Yeah…”

(Little Brother) “You can’t live forever, you know”

(Myself) “That’s true-”

I was actually about to give a mini-speech on how death isn’t a bad thing and how it’s an important part of life and how we shouldn’t be afraid of it, but my little brother interrupted me.

(Little Brother) “-but you can always LIVE for the most of your life.”

He said it just like that, with the emphasis on the word “live”. I’m not even sure he fully understood the depth and significance of what he had said, and maybe I’m looking too deeply into it, but I was left speechless and contemplating on if I had really been living for the most of my life.

The introspection only lasted for a couple of minutes of so. Later on we both marveled at how cool the process of making converse sneakers was. The “Picture Picture” segment is our favorite part of the show!

Anyway, I just thought it was cool that my little brother had such an interesting view on life at his age.

Live for the most of your life.

Toy Story 3 Made Me Cry (Picture Spoilers)

There, I said it.

I seriously was not prepared for what the last 5 minutes of Toy Story 3 did to me. I grew up with these films, so it was like watching a chapter of my life come to an end, and all the emotions hit me so hard.

It’s a good thing the movie theater was dark! LOL

So if you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST. The pictures below are only a small part of what was an incredible movie as a whole, and you’d have to watch it firsthand to truly appreciate it.

I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the way the franchise concluded.


It’s always puzzled me as to how our dreams can genuinely surprise us when, essentially, they are of our own creation. If it’s YOU that creates something, then wouldn’t you know the ending in advance?

I guess it’s a subconscious thing, but still. Wouldn’t we at least have an inclination? It’s as if our mind writes the story, and then hides it from us somehow so that we have no idea it ever even existed, let alone what’s going to happen in it. Then it waits until we fall asleep to finally allow us to read it and experience it first hand as it unfolds. We never know what’s coming next.

I have absolutely NO clue how our minds are capable of creating such an elaborate scheme right under (or above, rather) our noses. W…T…F

Personally I haven’t been dreaming that much lately. Maybe since I’ve been so preoccupied with life’s responsibilities that I haven’t had much time to rest, I dunno… but I really am starting to miss it. It’s as if our senses are more acute; our emotions are so much more sincere, and you feel them a lot stronger in our dreams.

Just something to think about, since I’ll probably never truly know, and maybe I don’t want to know.

After all, knowing would ruin the surprise :P