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Portal: No Escape

GoPro HD – NYC Skateboard Cam

Ulysse Nardin Chairman – $50,000 Smartphone


Meanwhile, in Africa…

LunaTik: Wristbands for iPod Nano

So cool. Seriously tempted to actually buy an iPod nano now, haha.

Prices range from $39.95 for a basic ‘TikTok’, to $79.95 for the ‘LunaTik’ shown above which comes with a premium aluminum case.


People I Like: Shauna Niaz

Battlefield 3 – “Fault Line” Trailer

The lighting, the sound, every little detail in the environments. Insane.

L.A. Noire: MotionScan Technology

Machines That Daydream

I, for one, welcome our new emotional computer overlords.

ASIMO – A Robot That Can Learn

I wonder what they’ll be able to do in another 30 years. The technology is constantly evolving.

People I Like: Xavier Pendragon