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GoPro HD – NYC Skateboard Cam

“Please Say Hello To Me” by Sheridan Johns

Excellent digital portrait of Will Smith from one of my favorite scenes in I Am Legend.

Check our more of Sheridan’s portrait work HERE.

People I Like: Audrey Hepburn

The Tale of the Dark Music

I used to love Are You Afraid of the Dark. The intro still creeps me out, haha.

The Sound of Transformers

Dream World

A short documentary about a free runner named Jason Paul.

Springboard Acrobatics

The Art of FLIGHT


Surfing In The Dark

Wow, Nature, You Scary!

This is dope.

People I Like: Emma Watson

“You Look Like Shit”

Extreme Unicycle Tricks

Sucker Punch

I’m not very familiar with the comic book this is based upon, so I’m not sure if it’ll make a good movie. I really like some of these visuals though, and if Zack Snyder is involved you can be sure there will be lots of slow motion used. For better or worse.

People I Like: Gerald Wallace

The Town

I really liked it. Awesome action sequences and a well thought out story.

People I Like: Kilian Martin

Nuit Blanche

POW! Right In The Kisser

Frozen Heist

Coooool :D

Hans Zimmer – “Time”

From the “Inception” Motion Picture Sountrack.


One of my favorite shows at the moment. The embarrassment some people will put themselves through for prize money is hilarious. I can’t lie though, it does look really fun!

Inception: Creating The Sound Of Dreams