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Francis And The Lights – “On A Train”


“John” Piano Cover

Francis and the Lights / INC. – “Eiffel Tower”

Francis and the Lights – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

This is an old cover of the Kanye West original, but I really like it. I think it must be the piano.

Francis: Practicing The Piano – “Deuces Remix”

Francis and the Lights – Live at the Kennedy Center

“I started to realize that everything I had been thinking about was wrong, that I hadn’t been thinking about what I was doing. Everything I had been doing was embellishment or didn’t have a design behind it, or contained extraneous things with no meaning or rationality behind them. The way I was behaving and choices I was making. I basically just realized that everything I do should have a reason.”

– Francis Farewell Starlite

Francis and the Lights – “Striking”

Yep. Just chillin.

Francis and the Lights – “Darling, It’s Alright” Music Video

He’s got the funk.