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Thurz – “Rodney King”

23 years later and these issues persist. Smh.

This “LA Riot” project by Thurz is also hugely under-appreciated.

Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”

Hip Hop Christmas Gift CD 2010

I make one of these as a present for my cousin every year. This year I thought it’d be cool to share it online as well.

Preview the tracks above, and download the full CD HERE

Free Music! Merry Christmas!

“Hip-hop is at its most commercial point right now. They use it in phone and calling card commercials. It’s like jazz was, really like a rebel music at one time and now it’s elevator music, so you’ll probably hear hip-hop in elevators in a minute.”

-Andre Benjamin

(VIDEO) Kanye West Plays “All Of The Lights” Snippet On Ustream

Sounds good to me…

The preview starts at around the 0:50 mark.

J. Cole – “Who Dat”