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Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”

Thurz – “Rodney King”

23 years later and these issues persist. Smh.

This “LA Riot” project by Thurz is also hugely under-appreciated.

Snakadaktal – “Hung on Tight”

Hear more: https://soundcloud.com/snakadaktal

Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”

Snowmine – “Dialects” Full Album Stream

Really lovely new album.

A few of my favorites are Rome (1:53), You Want Everything (13:33), and Dollar Divided (38:02)

But you can’t go wrong listening start to finish, either.

More of their music over @ snowmine.bandcamp.com

Who Wins? Mt. Eden “Sierra Leone” (feat. Freshlyground) [Orchestral/Dubstep]

I’m a sucker for strings, myself.

Happy New Year btw :)

Trophy Wife – “Seven Waves”

Really like the vibe of these guys.

*BONUS* “Wolf” Music Video

Francis And The Lights – “On A Train”


“John” Piano Cover

Milosh – “Another Day”

Delphic – “Acolyte”

Just A Band – 82 (Album)

Really refreshing. Brilliant album from start to finish.