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Battlefield 3 – “Fault Line” Trailer

The lighting, the sound, every little detail in the environments. Insane.

The Art of FLIGHT


Sucker Punch

I’m not very familiar with the comic book this is based upon, so I’m not sure if it’ll make a good movie. I really like some of these visuals though, and if Zack Snyder is involved you can be sure there will be lots of slow motion used. For better or worse.

The Town

I really liked it. Awesome action sequences and a well thought out story.


Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

Yesterday an 8-minute trailer of what is supposedly the next Mortal Kombat film hit the web. It’s actually a demo reel created by director Kevin Tancharoen to pitch his idea for a reboot to Warner Bros. A gritty, R-rated, guts spilling incarnation more like the game and less like the far-fetched films that most of us have forgotten about. It looks impressive.

In this trailer:

  • Jacks is played by Michael Jai White (Spawn, Blood & Bone)
  • Sonya Blade is played by Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Baraka is played by Lateef Crowder (Undisputed III)
  • Scorpion is played by Ian Anthony Dale (Tekken)
  • Johnny Cage is played by martial artist Matt Mullins